• Leslie & Britany

3 Effective Neuropsychology Tips To Let The Past Go- Episode 6

Ever wondered why you tend to hold onto things from the past? In this episode, Leslie shares the reasons why we hold onto the past. It ties to our emotions and our needs. We link emotion to information and we hold onto events that have stronger emotional ties and do not remember events that are not tied to any emotions. And we have 6 human needs. The event we hold onto is linked to an emotion, that links to one of our 6 human needs. Leslie explains this in more detail and shares a personal example of an event she held onto and how holding onto it affected her later in life.

The episode ends with 3 tips that you can use to help you release the event, so you can move forward in life. Holding onto the past keeps us in the past. We want to live in the present moment, not the past. Her tips will help you let go, and grow!

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