• Leslie & Britany

Get to know your podcast co-host, Britany... Episode 4

In episode 4, Britany invites the #mindwarriors tribe into her troubled past and how she learned to rise up. She has transformed her life by 'living to thrive' rather than 'living to survive'. She explains her path of self discovery, self healing, personal growth, and how she has learned to love herself again.

Britany has been on an uphill trek of self discovery and self love since long ago, but feels that her yoga practice has truly healed her.  She considers herself a forever yoga student and teacher.

Through her work, she hopes every persons life is positively impacted in some way. Her aspirations through the storytelling of her own life is that she wants you to understand the only way to navigate through life is with love and compassion for yourself and know you are enough. She hopes to inspire, energize and motivate you, so you will live your life with purpose and intention. By leaning into your own creativity (rather than fear) and  igniting the fire within.

Follow her life on instagram @britany_caruso 

"Finding true happiness and fulfilling your true purpose is living a meaningful life."


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