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What Is Strength? It May May Not Be What You Think!

What is strength? It may not be what you think! Are you living in a habitual unconscious response pattern of who you think you are because of what you have gone through in your life? Have you built a wall to protect yourself from the external world? Most of us do. If we are not careful, this can paralyze us.  Get to know co-host, Britany, of Not Just Talk Therapy Podcast. She discusses how she used to view strength and how she has shifted her patterns of behaviors to find real strength.  She identifies three steps to help her break down her unresolved emotional trauma and unlearn patterns that were holding her back.  Through opening herself up to the world she began to see her life unfold and take flight! Learn how you can too! Britany ends with a powerful Buddhist meditation to unlock love and kindness and open yourself to the world.

In order, to unlearn patterns of falsified strengths (coping mechanisms or barriers) versus real strengths of love, compassion, and kindness, Britany uses these three steps to help her break down her unresolved emotional trauma. Helping her live a more fulfilling and connected life. Give these three steps to help you unleash your true strength:

  1. Developing self aware - Identify your thoughts and behaviours that are limiting you

  2. One small action a day - Making conscious efforts to change these patterns, even if it is just one small action a day

  3. Step out of ego and into our highest self

"Real strength is the ability to keep your heart open,

your thoughts gentle and your words kind."

Britany Caruso

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